Quality policy

The quality of our company is based on a shared culture directed towards:

  1. Our customers who are our priority and considered as our partners. We owe them listening and constant improvement of the quality of our services. We are committed to meeting their requirements in accordance with our contractual commitments. We owe it to them to develop a relationship of trust, integrity and reliability at all levels.
  2. Our employees, the cornerstone of this culture and on whom depends the improvement of the quality system, which is everyone’s business.

Also, we are committed :

  1. To share this quality culture with all of our staff;
  2. To permanently improve the efficiency of all of our processes;
  3. To capitalize on our experiences and always strengthen the satisfaction of our customers;
  4. To provide quality products because drugs are for public health, what weapons are for the defense of a nation.

This implies on our part and of each employee, to develop clarity in communications, a professional, ethical, responsive, flexible attitude and respectful of the requirements of our customers, our employees and the strict regulations.

SAINT SAUVEUR Phamaceuticals is distinguished by :

• Referencing of more than 6000 drugs;
• Very competitive prices;
• Availability in stock of 9 / 10ths of referenced products;
• The entire disposition of its teams to assist and guide you..

SAINT SAUVEUR Pharmaceuticals
ID NAT 01-910-K21649R
Avenue du Marché, n°530, C/Gombe
Kinshasa RDC

Directeur Gérant : Nader CHAMI
+243 993 004 000
+243 817 576.702