Promotion & Representations

Pharmaceutical representative agency.

After receiving the accreditation and representation agreement with a manufacturer partner, Saint Sauveur Pharmaceuticals supports WMA and visas of distribution from the Ministry of Health in the DRC.

Promotion specialties by our Medical Representatives

The Medical Sales Team Saint Sauveur Pharmaceuticals consists of about ten pharmacy graduates.

Their role is to promote specialties to prescribers. By visiting doctors, pharmacies and hospitals, they inform them of the therapeutic virtues of the medicines that Saint Sauveur Pharmaceuticals ensures the representation in the DRC.

Each Medical Visitor must visit every day a minimum of 12 doctors and 3 pharmacies.

Medical Visitors are provided with flyers and promotional material, in full respect of ethics and pharmaceutical ethics.

Saint Sauveur Pharmaceuticals holds regular internal training of its Medical Sales. During these sessions, doctors and university professors provide scientific training.