Distribution of :

  • Pharmaceuticals and parapharmacy.
  • Food supplements and nutritional supplements.
  • Hospital equipment and consumables.
  • Surgical instrumentation.
  • Reagents and laboratory equipment.
  • Diagnostic equipment..

The main role of Saint Sauveur Pharmaceuticals is pharmaceutical distribution.

We are at the heart of the distribution of the drug through the economic fabric of the DRC, since we are the essential interface between manufacturing laboratories and pharmacies.

Saint Sauveur Pharmaceuticals as a pharmaceutical and wholesaler-dispatcher:

  • Procures drugs and other medical accessories from manufacturing laboratories so that 90% of the applications listed on the Congolese market are permanently referenced. Currently, we offer over 6000 references.
  • Manages stocks according to the rules of the art (BPD), respecting all the standards of transport, warehousing, control and security in order to maintain permanently a level of stock which makes it possible to satisfy the consumption of the Pharmacist.
  • Delivers hundreds of pharmacies, processing more than 500 orders a day. Deliveries are made as soon as possible, one to several times a day.

Because of its mission, Saint Sauveur is the true daily partner of the Congolese pharmacist.

In addition to availability, efficiency and quality of service, Saint Sauveur expects to extend its role to development through other types of services: pharmaceutical computing, merchandising advice, sharing databases, etc.

The clientele of Saint Sauveur Pharmaceuticals in the DRC consists of:

  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Government Agencies in the Health Sector
  • Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Other wholesalers in the DRC

If you have an interest in the sale or distribution of our products in your territory, feel free to contact us: info@saintsauveurpharm.com